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About Me

I love light.  It mesmerizes me.  Many times I stop what I'm doing just to drink it in, to study its effects, to wonder about this powerful aspect of creation and its place in our lives.  I didn't always recognize its importance, but since it dawned on me how every single thing is affected by light, I have been on an incessant journey to understand it, to master it, and to know how to control it.  Light is the single constant thing necessary to make a photograph, the common denominator, the "tool" we write with in this craft.  And it is a crucial part of every image I make.  Whether the day is cloudy and gray, or boasts a blue sky filled with blinding rays, I am in a continuous state of learning and experimentation, searching for yet another way to bring the beauty I see in my surroundings to the attention of everyone else.  It is a quest that will never end.